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Adult & Family Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is important for the health and wellbeing of your entire family. From adults to kids, Crew Chiropractic is going to keep you moving and feeling great.

What is Chiropractic Care? How Does It Work?

Chiropractic is a non-invasive, holistic and all-natural healthcare approach that looks at a person’s well-being in terms of their entire body rather than just the area where symptoms manifest.

Your nervous system controls and coordinates all of the cells, tissues and muscles in your body. Misalignments in the spine can affect the nervous system’s performance potentially causing health issues and reducing your quality of life.

The Crew Approach to Adult and Family Chiropractic Care

At Crew Chiropractic, we take pride in our chiropractic process. We begin every new patient with the detailed exam followed by a report of findings where your doctor will review your exam findings in depth and answer any questions you have.

You will be provided with an individual care plan in order to the meet the health goals you have set for yourself with your doctor. You have one spine, one nervous system, one opportunity at health, at Crew we strive to give you your best opportunity for a healthy life.

What Can Chiropractic Care Help With?

Our family chiropractic practice routinely helps bring relief to patients with a wide range of common conditions. Here are just a few of the conditions we routinely see:

Migraines and Headaches

woman with headache needing chiropractic care

The World Health Organization reports half of adults experience a headache in a given year. That is a lot of people experiencing headaches! Headaches and migraines occur from physical stress or emotional distress in the body. This stress can cause misalignments in the spine which can be corrected through regular chiropractic care.

Back and Neck Pain

man with neck pain needing chiropractic care

When you think of chiropractic, one of the first things you may think of is back and neck pain! Neck and Back pain is caused by segments of the spine being compressed such that there is pressure of your nerves. This pressure causes pain – from very mild to severe.

Regular chiropractic care can reduce pressure on the nervous system by removing spinal misalignments and restoring optimal function. Chiropractic care, coupled with our decompression service, has saved MANY of our patients from back surgery! What a relief!


scoliosis x ray

Scoliosis is a condition in which the spine curves to the left or right into a C or S pattern. The curvature can cause discomfort and depending on the severity often can sometimes lead to surgery if untreated.

Specific chiropractic adjustments based directly on x-rays taken in office can alleviate symptoms of and reduce the degradation of the scoliosis curve, all without the risks surgery poses.

Results our Crew patients see speak for themselves – multiple patients have been able to cancel scheduled surgeries after regular corrective chiropractic adjustments!

Foot, knee, and ankle pain

woman with foot and ankle pain needing chiropractic care

Foot, knee and ankle pain is often a result of spinal misalignments elsewhere in the body that is causing your body to compensate by putting increased pressure on your extremities.

At Crew Chiropractic, we will search for the true source of your pain and correct it in order allow your body to be pain free.

Pregnancy discomforts

pregnant woman needing chiropractic care

The body goes through so many physical and hormonal changes during pregnancy. These changes often lead to sleep disruption, round ligament pain, back and hip pain, and pubic bone pain.

By gently correcting shifts in the pelvis and spine, your body is better able to handle the changes of pregnancy leading to less discomfort and the chance for better labor and delivery outcomes!

Dr. Eric and Dr. Mallory are specially trained in Webster Technique through the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association. Webster Technique is a method of analyzing and adjusting the pelvis to improve its function, reducing stress and tension on the surrounding organs and tissues.

The method removes stress and tension on the uterus and provides your baby with the needed room to move and position themself in the best way possible, potentially reducing the need for interventions at birth.


man with sciatica needing chiropractic care

The Sciatic nerve runs from the lower back down each leg. When injury, overuse, or pregnancy related changes cause pressure on this nerve it can cause severe low back and leg pain. Regular chiropractic care alleviates pressure on the nerve by restoring spinal alignment and nervous system function. 


child with constipation needing chiropractic care

 Specific chiropractic adjustments to the lower spine can ease the pressure on the nerves going to the digestive system and correct structural imbalances and allow the body to function regularly.

Other Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care can improve mood, decrease stress, and increase restful sleep. Who doesn’t need that?!

New to Chiropractic Care? Here’s What to Expect…

When you visit our office, you will receive a thorough chiropractic assessment that will allow us to get to the cause of your health issues so your body can heal itself naturally from inside out.

We take digital x-rays, a digital nerve scan, posture analysis, and a detailed health history – each piece of the assessment allowing us to see the total picture.

We specialize in delivering a wellness plan which will be tailored to your individual needs and issues, restoring you and your family to a greater state of wellbeing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Family Chiropractic Care

What is the science behind chiropractic care?

A chiropractic adjustment is the removal of pressure on the nervous system. Think of a chiropractic adjustment working like a removing a kink in a water hose. When there is a kink in a hose, water cannot flow as needed to your plants – Remove the kink and water flows freely.

When there is pressure from a misalignment at any level of the spine, the nervous system cannot send the information its needs to your organs, cells, and tissues – creating dis-ease in the body. When pressure along the spine is removed, information from the brain to all organs, cells, and tissues is restored!

Will my insurance cover my chiropractic care?

Insurance coverage for chiropractic care varies widely by plan and provider. Your specific coverage will be checked on our first visit – just bring a copy of your insurance card to your new patient exam!

Best experience I’ve ever had with a chiropractor. Not only are they great people who know how to care for each patient, they are great at explaining chiropractic medicine and and what to expect during treatment.

– Terry McDonald

I’ve gone to several chiropractors over the years and Dr. Eric is the ONLY one to correct my spine curvature within 3 months! My digital nerve scan also cleared up in those same 12 weeks! I highly recommend CREW Chiropractic!

– Mia B.

The whole team is amazing! Dr. Eric has given me hope that I didn’t have before I started seeing him. I figured I’d be in pain for the rest of my life. But I felt better after my first adjustment and he continues to help week after week.

– Felicia Walsh

I have suffered from migraines, loss of vision, and insomnia for over 8 years and have tried everything under the sun. That is until I met Dr Bayliss and his wife … they changed my life for the better and I will be forever grateful for Dr Bayliss and his team.

– Abby Ramage