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The entire Crew team is dedicated to helping North Atlanta families with the highest quality, most approachable, and most personalized chiropractic care available.

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The Crew

You’re going to love the small business, family-style approach of Crew.

Dr. Eric Bayliss

Dr. Eric received his doctor of chiropractic degree from Life University. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Ohio in Exercise Physiology. Throughout his undergrad career, he had the opportunity to learn extensively about the function of the body and discovered his passion for true health – the ability for the body to heal itself.

Dr. Eric specializes in pediatric and sports chiropractic. He has received advanced training in prenatal care and is certified in Webster technique. His many years of coaching crossfit and personal training allow him to understand the athletes needs deeply and to provide care to facilitate increased sports performance.

In his spare time, Dr. Eric loves to spend time with his family, meeting new people in the community, and being outdoors exploring.

Meg Bayliss


Meg Bayliss received her bachelor’s degree from Georgia Tech in Industrial and Systems Engineering. True to her engineering background, Meg loves to see all systems work as efficiently as possible and has enjoyed learning and experiencing how chiropractic allows the system of the body to function optimally. As she has learned about what chiropractic brings to her health, she is passionate about sharing that message with her community.

Outside of the office, Meg also enjoys spending with her husband, Dr. Eric, and their sons, Beau and Mac, trying out new restaurants, and crossfitting.

Dr. Mallory Donegan

Dr. Mallory received her doctor of chiropractic degree from Life University. She completed her undergraduate education at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in Exercise Physiology. Dr. Mallory has received advanced training in prenatal and pediatric care and is certified in Webster Technique. She is passionate about working with moms and babies.

Dr. Mallory also brings the unique specialization in extremities – head, shoulders, knees, and toes – She’s got you covered. She believes that true healing comes from within – when nerve interference is removed with chiropractic care, the body can feel and FUNCTION its best.

In her spare time, Dr. Mal enjoys CrossFit & hiking the North GA mountains with her dog, Sully.

Dr. Callerina Key

Dr. Callerina is a former NCAA Track and Field athlete from the University of Alabama in Birmingham. In May of 2010, during track practice she hit a hurdle wrong and broke her right femur. This injury lead to a difficult recovery, but ultimately her love for Chiropractic. It was a Chiropractor who helped her get back on the track for practice less than 4 months after her surgery. After her time at UAB, she enrolled in Life University in Atlanta, Georgia to pursue a degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

While in chiropractic school, Dr. Callerina participated in 100 hours of extra courses to receive a certification in Applied Kinesiology. Her experience as both a high level athlete and chiropractic doctor allows her to better understand leisure and competitive athletes so she can treat their weaknesses and help them maximize their strengths.

Alex Cade

Office Manager

Alex Cade received her bachelor’s degree from Georgia College and State University in Psychology. Through her education and experience, Alex has developed a great passion for the mind and body & the role they play together. She firmly believes that lives are meant to be lived freely and fully. Learning and experiencing the effects of chiropractic has confirmed her belief that a healthy life is a happy life, both physically and mentally.

In her free time, Alex enjoys spending time with her husband, Josh, and threefur babies, Penny Lane, Riggins, and Annie. She can also be found reading at a coffee shop or practicing yoga.

Isabelle Marosek

Massage Therapist

Isabelle Marosek studied massage at Georgia Massage School. With her athletic background in weightlifting, powerlifting and personal training, she specializes in sports massage and deep tissue body work. Isabelle is highly in tune with movement patterns and working muscles that have been overused due to overtraining, stress, and muscle imbalances. She is extremely passionate about finding the most effective way to facilitate recovery by allowing the body to open up and release tension.

In her free time, she enjoys painting and drawing. She also serves in the Army National Guard.